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There are still a handful of tickets left for the stalls and some for the Circle for Microdisney's re-union gig at LONDON BARBICAN on 9TH JUNE 2018. There is no hint that they wil be doing any others so this may be your only chance to see them. Buy tickets HERE.
Plot spoiler- if you don't want to see a setlist for their other gig in Dublin then turn away now or click HERE.

Fansite interview with Cathal Coughlan can be found in the PRESS section.

New compilation CD released- buy it now! (See Discography for details).

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My name is Welcome to my Microdisney fansite- it's not an official site and I don't claim to represent the views of the vast majority of law abiding fans of Microdisney or the band themselves. Opinions are totally personal and song interpretations may be wholly inaccurate. Even though this is an unofficial site, it's the only one I've seen so I would really welcome contributions and corrections of any kind. If anyone wants to write stuff about the band, provide pictures or anything else then please get in touch.

If anyone has any problems with this site you could fuck off and leave me alone. Alternatively you can contact me at the above E-mail and I'll be extremely fawning and conciliatory. The site contains MP3's and other tools of Satan. These are generally of dodgy live/unreleased recordings which would never otherwise see the light of day. It's OK by Cathal Coughlan (the only person I've been able to get hold of) but if this is an issue for anyone else I will take them down- it would be a shame though to deprive people of a moment of harmless pleasure. Anyone who wants copyright slogans etc, please ask.
'Parental advisory' was a joke, by the way.