Click on the thumbnail cuttings to get a text version of the article. Many thanks to Marcin for text scanning some of the later articles and saving me the suffering that went into typing out the earlier ones.
Instead of expanding our knowledge of the band many are a historical tribute to the pretentiousness of 1980's music journalism- one in particular, while being positive about the band, made me physically ill!
The Record Mirror one is good though and AYSTGH is wonderful. 'Disney Times' from the Melody Maker gives a pretty good plotted history.

If anyone has any other press interviews please send them my way.

'Everybody is relatively OK'- NME 1984

'Disney Time'-
NME Nov 1985

'England under the microscope'-
NME Jan 1987

Melody Maker Jan 1987

'What do I hate most today'-
Record Mirror Oct 1987

Fansite interview with Cathal Coughlan.

'Blowing in the wind'-
NME Mar 1988

'Are You Scared To Get Happy'-
Fanzine Review 1985

'Poignant Pop Bites Back'-
Everything Counts Fanzine 1984

'Born Again New Wave'-
Running Order fanzine 1984

'Home Is Where The Art Is'-
Record Mirror 1987

'The Material World Of Cathal Coughlan'-
NME Oct 1987

'In From the Cold'-
Melody Maker Jan 1987

'Disney Times'-
Melody Maker Dec 1985

'Malice In Disneyland'-
Sounds Feb 1988


Jamming December 1984

Fansite interview with Nick Motgomery.