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The Eighties- what the fuck was all that about? (Jimmy Pursey)

Microdisney and the 1980's may have been a long time ago but they meant a lot to me, too much to leave them ignored by Cyberspace. They never really got the recognition they deserved and I will never know how many other people they touched. To me though, they would have been worthy of sharing a stage with Elvis, The Beatles, The Sex Pistols and S Club 7.

From the early gentle semi-acoustic numbers to the later more aggressive, fully produced sound, there was always a quality that made them stand out. A band who played melodic pop tunes but with an attitude and message that said more to me about the Eighties than anything else. Times and music have changed since but the truth and relevance of their songs hasn't.

The Eighties were pretty grim, what with Thatcher and all that, and no band (or politician) summed up the climate better. Whilst other more obviously political bands whinged about a lot of things, Microdisney wrote about people- the people who let it all happen. They peered deep into the human soul and found fear, insecurity, ignorance, greed, apathy. Sometimes they still even had time to laugh. Hatred was there for all things Right Wing and Corporate, but really it was more to do with how people lived their lives. They wrote about love, about sex, about lifestyle, about politics and usually it took just one 3 minute song to cram it all in. A song about nuclear war ('Town to Town') became a song about personal relationships and it all made sense in a way I am struggling to explain.

When Microdisney was born, chart music had just discovered synthesizers. No-one needed to write songs anymore which left bands to concentrate on their make up. Fashion became everything and, as an added bonus, no-one was interested in hearing about what social security budget their tax cuts had come out of. On both counts of style and content Microdisney had missed the boat (if there ever was a boat for them to sail in). While the independent labels were still producing some good stuff, they too were being consumed by trends. Lazy journalists needed an easy angle and unless you were a part of a scene you were nothing. Microdisney just didn't fit in. Too cynical and worldly to be the bright pop act that Sean O'Hagan's music could have made them, not hardcore or experimental enough for the 'alternatives'. Even so, they made it onto Virgin. Gigs attended by the same 50 people turned into fair-sized gatherings and their mums got to see them on Tom O'Connor. In the end though it wasn't enough- they got more and more pissed off with the world, with the way they were being treated and probably with each other. They burned out after 5 years. Sean continued making pop songs with the High Llamas, Cathal Coughlan turned hardcore with the Fatima Mansions. Others may say different but neither on their own came anywhere near producing what they had done with Microdisney. They should have been massive.

If anyone came here by mistake looking for Disney, here's my DISNEY page. It has nothing to do with Microdisney but contains a live MP3 of 'Only losers take the bus'.

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