Didn't think I would need a news section 30 years on but have added this as they seem to keep doing re-releases. Thanks to Mike for much of the info.

Nov 2013- Released earlier but only caught my attention. 'Everbody Is Fantastic' has also been re-released with another Peel session as a bonus. It was meant to have 2 Peel sessions but due to licensing issues only contains one. This leaves, I think, 3 tracks from the 6 Peel sessions still unreleased (thanks to Stephen for pointing this out and also finding out about the reason for non release of the other Peel session).

June 2013-
There are two re-releases of 'Love your Enemies and 'Clock Comes Down The Stairs' coming out shortly. The good news for people who hadn't got the CD's when they were previously released is that you can get them for a tenner rather than the £353.03 that a new copy of the original CD is going for on Amazon (after tax has been paid of course).

The mixed news for anyone who bought the original CD versions is that you might want to fork out again as both CD's contain a complete Peel session as a bonus. Clock also has "Money for the trams" and "Harmony time" which have not previously been on CD.

Jan 2013-
Early recordings Cack Hand and Leper resurface, after appearing briefly on Youtube. These were Fanning Sessions recorded in 1981 at the same session as the previously surfaced Mitchelstown. The recordings were removed from YouTube but not before they made it to the dodgy downloads sites.

April 2012-
Microdisney briefly reform for Nick Allum's Birthday Party. They play Horse Overboard, Birthday Girl and Loftholdingswood.

December 2011-
Reekus Records releases the band's never before released 1981 tracks Victory and 12 Novembers on their 2011 compilation Too Late To Stop Now. These were planned as the band's first single, but never released because the five piece lineup split up.

-Reekus also reissues the 1981 EP Kaught At The Kampus on CD, which features Microdisney's live track National Anthem, recorded at their first gig. The tape ran out during the track, which is why the song ends with a delay. The band didn't play any other songs.