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I'm selling copies of the PINKIE CD 'MY LITTLE EXPERIMENT' for seven English Pounds. Pinkie is Alex from Brighter (and ex-Fosca). If you like Brighter you will like this. If you don't like Brighter there is something wrong with you. E-Mail me at the usual address.

I'm also thinking about compiling a DVD of bands from the label- Watch this space...


SHELFLIFE RECORDS- Home of the wonderful Brittle Stars (see below) and probably the best record label around at the moment.
TWEENET- For all things relating to Indie Pop from C86 to Belle & Sebastien.
INDIE PAGES- Lots and lots of indie links. You can buy records and there's a useful message board for all things indie. In fact anyone who is anyone is listed there. Except us- the bastards...
NETSOUNDS- My favourite on-line second hand record store. They link with lots of dealers, so not only is there a lot of choice and rarer stuff but you can get the best price between the dealers.
MUSICSTACK.COM- American equivalent to Netsounds. They have UK dealers just like Netsounds has some US dealers.
MILLION REASONS- My friend, Rachel, from Fosca. Her writings, rantings and diary.
ORIGINAL SIN- Fantastic site covering new bands of every description. It was worth signing up for the newsletter which gives you best of the week stuff including sites to visit, MP3's to listen to etc. Unfortunately it has been quiet for some time now.
BLISS/AQUAMARINE- Long standing Indie/DIY tape and fanzine label. For anyone out there looking for new indie music from unsigned bands.
INDIE MP3- Lots of good indie info and links and a nice little Shop Assistants/Motorcycle Boy section.
TRACK AND FIELD- Famous London Club where you can dance the night away just like in the old indie pop days. Plus record label in its own right with a John Peel 'festive fifty' number one to their name.
HOW DOES IT FEEL- London indie club. The site has messageboard, twee test and a random Moz generator- shouldn't every site?
PENNY BLACK MUSIC- Site to buy all your indie needs, plus news, links etc. One of the main indie internet ordering sites for the UK.


CAMERA OBSCURA - Best band of the 21st century. The site has two videos to download and some MP3's. MP3 downloads are also available from their former record label ANDMORESOUND -
Download 'Happy New Year' and 'Anti Western' and then buy all their records.
BRITTLE STARS - Wonderful indie band from America. Sadly no more I think but records are still available. There are samples to download which are not to be missed.
FARMERS BOYS- Phew Wow! A comprehensive Farmers Boys site with downloads. If you haven't heard of the great eighties indie pop legends then catch up with them now.
CHARLOTTES- Not quite a full blown site but some snippets. There's also a contact on the Mick Mercer's Charlottes Photo Page for loads of other band photos that might be of interest to pop kids. If anyone out there has any interest in doing a full blown Charlottes website I'd be happy to make web space available.
COCTEAU TWINS- Not hard to find this through the search engine but aren't they just the best band ever to walk the face of the planet?
THE SIDDELEYS- Should need no introduction and if they do you ought to be ashamed of yourself.
TATU- I do like them and was ashamed to be British- Nul points indeed.
THE POP GUNS- They were fantastic. They are also setting up a website here but don't hold your breath- it hasn't been developed in ages.


THE HUNGER SITE- Click every day and their sponsors give money. Of course I'm sure their sponsors have a charity budget anyway which they will give to someone regardless of whether you click Even so it can't do any harm and may prick your conscience. There are a few interesting links as well.
MCSPOTLIGHT- All you ever wanted to know about McDonald's and multinationals.
VEGETARIAN SOCIETY- I'm probably preaching to the converted or unconvertable.
- Naughty anti vivisection people.
URBAN REFLEX- Political funnies (Bush concerned at the way Blair keeps hanging around- not a very 'guy' thing to be doing), Internet Funnies (Microsoft unveil new error messages) and football funnies (Team USA report on the World Cup soccer football, which to my shame most of the 'Brits' didn't realise was a JOKE). 'The Depository' section has most of the funnies.

INDY MEDIA- An excellent guide and independent view of political events in the UK as an alternative to mainstream reporting. Good for anyone wanting to get actively involved.

Please suggest links to more politics sites.


THE K'S WEB- Everything you want to know about the greatest football team in the World. (Kingstonian Football Club).
- I did have a link for Scorecheck UK which gave you minute by minute score flashes on non-league games. Sadly this is down for this season at least so Sky Sports is the only way to keep up to date. You don't have to buy anything off Rupert Murdoch- just use up his bandwidth. Saturdays and some weekdays they have a live scores page.


RATE MY KITTEN- You can rate people's kittens here (marks out of ten).
RANDOM KITTEN GENERATOR- You can click on a button which says 'Awwww! How cute! Show me another!'
LIVE HAMSTER CAM- This is currently the only live Hamster cam I can find on the internet. Sit back with a few beers and wait for the Hamster to do something. Six in the evening Brititsh time seems the best time to catch hammy.

Please send me links to more cat sites.


DEAD LIKE ME ONLINE- Not so much a helpful link as a tip for those who don't have Sky 1. This is the best TV programme ever made and if you like Buffy you should like this.


I'm interested in doing video/DVD trades with anyone who might have any indie pop type stuff on video. Plenty of 'rare' stuff to trade. Would also be willing to trade unedited DVD clips in return for getting them back nicely trimmed and with a nice menu as it takes me forever to edit. Name a band and I can let you know what I've got.

I want anything related to Cocteau Twins, Motorcycle Boy, Shampoo, Natalie Merchant/10,000 Maniacs and Hole. Plus 'Get Smart' videos from the final series which has never been shown in the UK.

If anyone out there would like to do a site on MCCARTHY then I would love to help out with it and provide the webspace.

Also, I would like to know what was on the 'Rare UK Bird' record by Camera Obscura and if anyone has a copy to trade/copy.

Finally, if you have enjoyed this site please click on my anal-retentive war game link, Click the number shown and get me another soldier (you don't have to sign up to anything although you might get a pop up which you should ignore). I currently have 50-odd visitors a day, so 50 extra soldiers a day would make one hell of an army. You could even sign up and fight alongside the mighty richardbajor. You think I'm joking don't you.