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Californian Girl bop pop with a scowl punk drop

Last update July 2002. Free CD!

M.O.R. band writing tales of torture, corruption and human misery

Last update Aug 2018- Pics added for barbican re-union gig.

1980's chart toppers and inspiration for a generation of cuties

Last update 10 April 2004- Moved to the Bubbyworld host with more files added.


My long gone record label and fanzine.

Last update January 2007- all songs on the label now downloadable. I know I promised this back in 2007 but I do intend to get some video clips up this year (2009)- Will probably be later part of the year though.

1980's Indie Pop and the various re-incarnations of Gayna Florence Perry.

Finally live! January 2005

Coming soon.

Still coming- I promise.




Music, politics, cats, kittens
and a live hamster cam link.

Last update 10 April 2004.

I'm in the process of converting all my live audio tapes onto CD which is very slow to say the least. If anyone has the ability to edit and fancies doing any of them then please e-mail me. I can provide a complete file of the gig in WAV format- they just need splitting between songs and returned in WAV or CD format. Or if you think you can do a better job from the original tape I can send that as well. The tapes cover the usual indie stuff- most of the bands on the Waaah label, plenty of Sarah records, Cocteau Twins, Microdisney, punk etc etc. please e-mail for a list.