When The Rain Stops Compilation- Press Release


Shiny Two Shiny was a cult duo who emerged in the exciting live scene in Liverpool in the early 1980s, playing at venues such as Erics alongside bands who would go on to become household names. Gayna Rose Madder ('Flo') and Robin Surtees had recorded a Peel session with their former band, 'A Formal Sigh' (she was the first person to be interviewed live on his Radio 1 show!)

Their debut mini-album, 'Halfway across the rainbow', recorded on a shoestring with mainly borrowed instruments, amazed everyone when named Melody Maker's 'Record of the week', as well as getting a hugely favourable review in NME. The mini LP made it into the indie top ten; suddenly there was major label interest.

Tracks from it have been requested and released on many compilations over the last few years, some of which are still due for release.

But now, for the first time, a re-mastered version of all the favourites from that album, plus several previously unreleased tracks, is available on vinyl and CD, with downloads, from New York label Captured Tracks. Also included is the 12" single version of their best known and loved song, 'Waiting for us', which at the time received daytime airplay on BBC Radio 1 - almost unprecedented then for a relatively unknown band on a tiny independent label.

'When the rain stops', the new album, also contains a live recording and unreleased demo.

The duo toured Europe, with a longish trip around Germany, Holland and Switzerland, and shorter ones around Northern Europe, supporting such luminaries as Patrick Fitzgerald and Durutti Column (Vini Reilly), and playing at prestigious venues in Brussels and Germany, where these tracks were recorded. They appeared on the Belgian TV music show 'Graffiti' performing thesingle version of 'Waiting for us' (the 12" is on the new album.) During that period, favourable reviews appeared across Europe (Germany, Italy, Denmark, France, Switzerland. Belgium).

This year, 'Waiting for us' made it into Record Collector's 'Rare Records' listing, 2014 - 15 edition.

Shiny Two Shiny (the name is derived from the Velvet Underground song, 'Venus in furs'), have had a lasting influence and level of interest worldwide, especially considering the short time they existed. They are recognised as writing classic songs which still have major emotional impact, and dramatic musical and rhythmic invention.

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1 Waiting For Us
2 Razzamatazz
3 Concentration
4 Through The Glass

5 Grey
6 Moment To Moment
7 Rain
8 Ritual Hate

9 Susquehanna
10 Waiting For Us
11 Seven Four
12 Boy from Ipanema