"Ties" - Press Release


'Ties' released

Gayna Rose Madder has spent a large part of the last two years writing potentially classic, straight-from-the-heart pop songs, a very small number of which have actually escaped onto vinyl or tape. These have invariably attracted the appreciation and emotional stirrings of a select group of followers, across Europe, and Gayna has been lavished with heaped teaspoonfuls of praise for her efforts.
With the release of 'Ties', however, her emergence from (self-induced) semi-oblivion should be ensured. Previously dismissed from the independent scene for being 'too commercial' , whilst being rejected by majors for 'being too independent, Gayna should now find that 'Ties' transcends such ephemeral barriers. Produced by Dave Dix, the song, written by Gayna, attracted offers of cover versions, via major publishing and record companies, from the time of its inception, and is now finally to be made available.
Gayna is, however, by no means a complete stranger to musical success. In her previous incarnation as Flo Sullivan, she enjoyed early favour, in the form of Radio One sessions, with her first group ' A Formal Sigh'. Following this she gave up a promising career in educational research to devote herself to being one half of duo 'Shiny Two Shiny' who quickly demoed four songs on a cassette player and naively took them down to London with no appointments but a view to taking the capital by storm. Remarkably, they received four offers to release their material, in one form or another, the most promising being from Dave Kitson's Red Flame label to record a mini LP.
This, completed in four days in a local eight-track studio, went straight into the independent charts and received rave reviews in NME and Melody Maker, among others. This was followed by a single which obtained Radio One daytime airplay and three successful tours of Europe (Shiny Two Shiny did not let the fact that their entire ownership of instruments still consisted solely of one acoustic guitar and a Casio MT40 deter them from recording or touring).
Robin Surtees, now guitarist with 'Benny Profane', and Gayna then went their separate ways, Gayna signing to a major label in a deal which never fully materialised (producing only one single). Following this, four major companies paid for her to demo for them, but no suitable deals were struck.
Finally, last year, Gayna released 'Are you in pain?' on the Uglyman label. Self-produced, and again attracting Radio One airplay, many considered this to be her finest song to (that) date. She also made some rare live appearances last year; notably with an all-female backing group at `The Blackie`s Women In Music` festival; supporting 'It's Immaterial'; and at last year's three-day national 'Earthbeat' festival of music and dance (both of the latter with different mixed-sex backing groups).
Having now moved also into other areas of music such as producticn, and writing original scores for such diverse items as a fashion show and a set of relaxation tapes, Gayna is most definitely back in her own right. 'Ties' is available on the Destiny Angel label, via Foresight records, from Sept. 30 (cat. Gypsy 3).

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(All above by Shiny Two Shiny).
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backing vocals for next Peter Coyle LP, 1988; for top Belgian band 'Parade Ground' 1987, and for mini LP by 'Barbell` to be released Jan. ' 89.