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Welcome to the Waaah/Bring On Bull website. It was a long time ago and we're not doing records or fanzines anymore.

All songs from the label are now available for download.
Download to your heart's content and do with as you will so long as you're not making money out of it. The bands still have copyright over their songs. MP3's of vinyl recordings are literally taken from my stereo to the computer so do not expect anything better than the original record quality (plus a few scratches).

Below is a complete catalogue of all the releases. If anyone wants copies of anything still in stock then all you have to do is pay for postage and packing. E-Mail me A few of the sold out records may still be available from Heaven Records.

In case anyone has come here without a clue I have also highlighted some downloads of my personal favourites and included MP3's whether deleted or not. Once you click on any of the records and see a very, very, very, very, very, very s
mall... to any of the songs YOU MUST DOWNLOAD..


BULL 1-0
Flexi- Screeming Custard/Dead Famous People.
Sold Out.

BULL 2-0
7 Inch- Strawberry Story/Dalek Beach Party/Kind.
Sold Out.

BULL 3-0
CD- Various artists including Field Mice, Bedflowers, Fat Tulips, Haywains and Number One Pop Stars from the real charts, White Town!
Sold Out.

BULL 4-0
Flexi- Field Mice
Sold out.

BULL 2710-32
7 Inch- Kind/Cudgels/Dufflecoats.
Sold Out.

BULL 7-0
7 Inch- Orchids/Bouquet/Crystal Garden.
Sold out.

BULL 9-0
LP & CD- Cudgels 'God's Children'.
CD sold out- Vinyl LP still available.

BULL 10-0
12 Inch- Dalek Beach Party- 'Rabble Rousers in Catalogue Trousers'.
Still Available.

BULL 11-0
7 Inch- Bouquet 'Pink Blossom In Outer Space'.
Sold out.

BULL 21-0
Flexi- BMX Bandits/Duglasettes.
Sold out.

BULL 22-0
12 Inch- They Go Boom 'Beyond Tomorrow'.
Joint release with Sunday Records.
Sold Out.

BULL 23-0
7 Inch- Peru/Mary Queen of Scots.
Sold Out.

BULL 24-0
7 Inch- Picnic 'Plug E.P'.
Sold Out.

BULL 25-0
7 Inch- Lighthouse 'Sad Line EP'.
Still Available.

BULL 27-0
7 Inch- Snowbirds/Poisson Solubles.
Sold Out.

BULL 28-0
7 Inch- Talitha K.
Still available.

LP & CD- 'Sound of Music' Anti Racist benefit. Cover versions from the greatest film of all time including Blueboy, BMX Bandits, Northern Picture Library and The Rileys.
Sold Out.



-Interviews with Dead Famous People, Sarah Records, Simon Lewis Partenership.

- Picture of Mozzer.

-Reviews of Screeming Custard and The Higsons

Sold Out.


-Interviews with Field Mice, Strawberry Story, Kind and Deltones.

-Picture of 'Sex Goddess', Alex Motorcycle Boy.

-Reviews of Dalek Beach Party, Serious Drinking, Cheltenham and Les tetes Brulees.

Sold Out.


- Interviews with Heavenly, BMX Bandits. Conflict, Terry Edwards and Fat Tulips.

- Picture of 'Sex Goddess', Chantelle.

- Reviews of Asia Fields, Jan Wobble, and Bedflowers.

Sold Out.


- Interviews with Blueboy, The Haywains, Nominal One, Birghter, Northern Picture Library and The Rileys.

- Picture of Keith Blueboy.

- Reviews of Sham 69, Bouquet and Cats Paw.

Sold Out.

BULL 26-0

Shampoo fanzine- tribute to Powder Punk Princesses of Pop.

Sold Out.

BULL 5-0

Jamboree bag. Goodies for the Waaah Cutie Coach passengers to help them pass the time and annoy the driver on the way to the 1991 Sarah Records Christmas Party.
A rip off of Factory Records giving catalogue numbers to their Alarm Clock or whatever.

Sold Out.

BULL 8-0

Poster- 'People Who Vote Tory are wankers'.

Sold Out.