My Top Ten (Smash Hits ?)

My Top Ten
Clare Grogan
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1. THE SHANGRI-LAS: Past, Present And Future (Red Bird)
It makes me cry!
2. MARVIN GAYE: Sexual Healing (CBS)
Mv favourite record of last year. I love listening to it in the car when we're driving down the long motorway from Glasgow to London.
3. ORANGE JUICE: Flesh Of My Flesh (Holden Caulfield Universal)
I just can't help myself from being a fan of Orange Juice! I know them but it`s been such a long time since I`ve seen them because they don`t live in Glasgow anymore.
4. MICHAEL JACKSON: Billie Jean (Epic)
I wish I could dance like him.
5. THE BLUEBELLS: Everybody's Somebody's Fool (London)
I suppose I like this because I know all the words so I can sing along with it. I`ve seen them a million times.
6. GRACE JONES: The Apple Stretching (Island)
I wish I could write lyrics like this!
7. PRINCE: 1999 (WEA)
A great dance record. I like dancing but I'm not very good at it.
8. SPANDAU BALLET: Truth (Reformation)
It makes me melt.
9. THE B-52s: Give Me Back My Man (Island)
I can identify with this record. It makes me feel all dramatic. No, I'm not going to elaborate on that.
10. JUDY GARLAND: Meet Me In St Louis (MCA)
I'm a sentimental fool. Last summer Gordon Sinclair who played Gregory in Gregory's Girl and me went to America on a promotional tour and they took me to the park where they filmed the World's Fair scene in this film. I was really thrilled. I`ve liked lots of Judy Garlands films.