January 2015- A Shiny Two Shiny compilation has been released by Captured Tracks and is available to buy here. The compilation contains seven remastered Halfway Across the Rainbow LP tracks plus several unreleased bonus tracks and one live track to provide an almost definitive collection of their work. It is available on CD and Vinyl. To read more about the release please check out the press release from the PRESS page.

September 2005- Cant will be playing at The Zanzibar, Seel St, Liverpool 1 as part of a benefit concert to celebrate the life and work of Sean Odega.
Event starts early evening, 5-ish (more details may follow!) and goes on till late. (Cant should be on between 7 and 8 pm). It will also feature:

Odega, Rain, The Stand, The Coral

and many others including some more unconfirmed 'name' acts.

September 2005- Compilation CD's featuring various periods of Gayna's musical career are now available to buy- click the poster and see Discography page for details.

August 2005- Cant play Upstairs at The Pilgrim in Liverpool on 20th August.
Click the poster for full details.
December 2004- Appearance by Gayna as an expert on
prime-time Five series 'Housebusters'
October 2004- Gayna plays an evening of 'Classic and Contemporary Songs' at St Petersburg Russian Restaurant, Liverpool on 10th October.
Click the poster for full details.
August 2004- Gayna Plays an evening of 'Bacharch and David' songs at the Everyman Theatre on 6th August.
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June 2004- , First ever live gig by 'Cant' at The
Everyman Theatre Bar, Liverpool on June 19th.
May 2004- Gayna's new band 'Cant' formed- sample of the demos are available for download on the discography page.